About Wolfchild Creative

graphic designer | Nanaimo, BC

Hey, I'm Jackie Poirier

Building on my diverse experiences, such as earning degrees in Fine Arts and Education in Lethbridge, Alberta, being part of a vibrant communal art studio in downtown Kelowna and juggling freelance design projects alongside a 15-year tenure as a high school Arts and Media teacher, I’ve cultivated a deep understanding of visual communication and creative expression. 

After relocating to the serene landscapes of Vancouver Island, I felt compelled to embrace my passion for design more directly. I transitioned my focus to the creative profession full-time, where I could channel my passion, skills and knowledge into crafting visually compelling narratives for my clients. My process is infused with the spirit of my journey—from the collaborative energy of communal studios to the disciplined approach honed in the classroom—resulting in work that resonates with authenticity and captivates audiences.

I bring a unique blend of artistic insight and real-world design expertise to every project and I’m dedicated to crafting designs that resonate with authenticity and inspire meaningful connections.  

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Diverse Expertise: tap into a unique blend of artistic insight and real-world design expertise, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of visual communication and creative expression, and bringing a fresh and innovative perspective to every project.

Collaborative Process: our diverse journey infuses our process with a deep understanding of collaborative energy and disciplined approaches. Your time and input is invaluable, so we work closely with you to incorporate your vision and feedback into the design process.

Authenticity: our dedication to crafting designs that go beyond aesthetics and resonate with authenticity inspires meaningful connections with your audience and leaves a lasting impression.

Attention to Detail: we sweat the small stuff so you don’t have to. From the spacing between letters to the alignment of elements, we obsess over every detail to ensure a polished final product.

Working with Wolfchild Creative promises a blend of creativity, expertise, and authenticity, resulting in visually compelling narratives that captivate and resonate with audiences.

Absolutely! The joys of digital design mean that even if you are looking for print design, we can work with you to develop graphic design assets remotely, delivering your files digitally, and even helping you get setup with a printer near you.